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Apiary Consulting provides clients facing life’s greatest challenges with a bespoke professional support network to relieve the burden and allow space and time for clarity of thought. With appropriate support, our clients will be better placed to face the difficult times and they will be able to look back and be proud of the way they dealt with them.
— Katie Lynch, Founder of Apiary Consulting

separation and divorce

With a background in family law, we are acutely aware of not only the complex administrative process of separation and divorce, but also the emotional turmoil that is inevitably associated with this period of transition. Apiary Consulting endeavours to fill the professional void and to be your strategic partner, sounding board, champion and personal assistant throughout this challenging time. We will help lighten the burden of the process both emotionally and administratively. Whatever the task, we can help. 

We appreciate that following a long relationship, it can be especially difficult to adjust. Inevitably, each person in a partnership assumes distinct roles and responsibilities and post separation it can be especially difficult to try to manage everything on your own, especially when you already have a challenging schedule and/or demanding corporate life. Apiary Consulting can help fill this void by becoming your personal assistant, either temporarily or on a longer term basis. 

Please contact us directly so that we may tell you more about the bespoke services we provide before, during, and after, separation. 


Whether you are struck down by temporary illness, lose a loved one or you simply hit a particularly busy period in your life, Apiary Consulting can help you by providing you with temporary bespoke personal assistance.

Please contact us directly so that we may discuss your unique concerns and let you know how we think we can help.